Sajjan Singh Rangroot- Film Review

I’m going to try my hardest to write a film review without major spoilers so here goes..


Title: Sajjan Singh Rangroot
Duration: 2hr 30mins
Actors: Diljit Dosanjh, Sunanda Sharma

On Sunday night I watched Sajjan Singh Rangroot. A film based on a true story about the Sikh Regiment serving in the British Army during World War I. I decided to not form any opinions until after the film had finished. After all, it had been a long time since I watched an Indian film at the cinema so I didn’t know what to expect. Continue reading “Sajjan Singh Rangroot- Film Review”

Holiday Blues: Malta 🇲🇹

For anyone who doesn’t know, Malta is made up of 2 tiny islands, one being Malta and the other, Gozo. Combined, they sit off the coast of Italy, floating solely in the Mediterranean Sea. And when I say tiny.. I mean tiny.

During the month of February, we booked 4 days in The Seabank hotel and resort. With highs of 16 degrees, we weren’t expecting a heatwave but just a few days away from reality, a different view and sea air to breathe. And after a 4yr break-up, it was definitely needed. Continue reading “Holiday Blues: Malta 🇲🇹”

A Bloggers Guide: Starting a new Job

It is coming to nearly 2 years since I started working as a programmer. My gosh time has flown by, yet I can still say Its the best decision I’ve ever made. BUT that wasn’t always the case. I remember waking up daily thinking ‘Why do I have to go back there..?’ But I refused to give up.. and well 2 years later – I’m still here and my frown has been turned upside down. Wanna know how I became this excited career-loving nerd?

Here are my top 5 survival tips to starting a new job.. Continue reading “A Bloggers Guide: Starting a new Job”

Being Indian.. ep1

There comes a point in your life when some fucker pops your bubble and brings you back to reality. If you’re a young Indian woman the one question you’re always asked is “When are you getting married?” and every single time you sigh and think fuck off.

I grew up with the support of my parents. They allowed us to achieve whatever we wanted and even though none of us became doctors or lawyers, we chose our path and lead the way. I decided to jump right into IT and here I am, coding my way through life. Hmm, If only I could code the perfect life 💭 Continue reading “Being Indian.. ep1”

New Year.. Better Me

Every year on the 31st December we all make our resolutions and plan to stick to them. Yet every year, around 1st February out goes that resolution ready for the next new years and before we know it were in a vicious circle, ha. Even when your resolution is as easy as ‘Keep your bedroom clean Sin’. I still can’t find the motivation to carry it through. Given that, hats off to the very few of you who have the motivation to actually see that resolution right through till the end of the year. Continue reading “New Year.. Better Me”