A Bloggers Guide: Starting a new Job

It is coming to nearly 2 years since I started working as a programmer. My gosh time has flown by, yet I can still say Its the best decision I’ve ever made. BUT that wasn’t always the case. I remember waking up daily thinking ‘Why do I have to go back there..?’ But I refused to give up.. and well 2 years later – I’m still here and my frown has been turned upside down. Wanna know how I became this excited career-loving nerd?

Here are my top 5 survival tips to starting a new job..

1. Be yourself – Don’t walk into a workplace and immediately be part of the furniture. It’s ok to be different. cute and sassy.. and a bit bad-assy!

2. Voice your opinion – Don’t be scared speak your mind, honesty is the best policy and colleagues may even appreciate it.

3. Make friends – Speak to every person you make eye/nose/ear contact with. Even if it’s just a ‘Good Morning’ make them known of your presence and that you’re approachable.

4. Work hard, play harder – In the words of Kendrick be humble.

5. Smile – Till your face hurts, you chose that career so smile and make your Monday’s a day to look forward to. If you hate Monday’s.. you’re in the wrong job.

We all know that starting a new job is daunting but let yourself settle in. It’s like moving house- when you’ve made it home..it’s comfortable. So before you go deciding you’re quitting cause times are difficult or you hate it or you have no friends, stop and think. If we stopped when things got hard, we’d never see progress. And sometimes uncomfortable situations lead to better opportunities. Now we’re into a new year, what’s stopping you?!

Take the plunge.. I dare you 🏊‍♂️

Ciao for now 2017, Hello 2018! S x


Being Indian.. ep1

There comes a point in your life when some fucker pops your bubble and brings you back to reality. If you’re a young Indian woman the one question you’re always asked is “When are you getting married?” and every single time you sigh and think fuck off.

I grew up with the support of my parents. They allowed us to achieve whatever we wanted and even though none of us became doctors or lawyers, we chose our path and lead the way. I decided to jump right into IT and here I am, coding my way through life. Hmm, If only I could code the perfect life 💭

After watching my sister become a wife and planning a family wedding twice, I am in no rush to get married. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and healthy in my love life, but I genuinely love this house. The smells, the sounds- my room. I’m not ready to move out, and because I didn’t move out for uni, I reckon I’ll find it more difficult when the time comes. So I’m holding out for as long as I possibly can!

As a young Indian woman, we are usually moulded into the perfect housewife before we reach 25. I’m currently taking cooking 101 lessons off my mother. I can’t grumble and moan because she is a brill cook so I’m glad I’m learning off the best. Even if I hate cooking. If you were to come over for dinner, my chefs special would probably be Indian chicken curry and my rice, may turn out right. Then again, they may not. I can’t guarantee it, but you’re always welcome. Just don’t be alarmed if you get food poisoning.

On the other hand, I have been getting into the swing of actually cleaning up behind myself. I openly admit, recently I haven’t been the tidyest of people but I have vowed to scrub the floors until they’re gleaming, some may call me S-inderella. Great.

So being Indian really isn’t that much hassle, I get to choose my career, husband and dinner.. on the menu tonight was brown dhaal (lentils) and it hasn’t killed anyone.. yet.

My love for brown dhaal is eternal ♥️

Ciao for now S x



New Year.. Better Me

Every year on the 31st December we all make our resolutions and plan to stick to them. Yet every year, around 1st February out goes that resolution ready for the next new years and before we know it were in a vicious circle, ha. Even when your resolution is as easy as ‘Keep your bedroom clean Sin’. I still can’t find the motivation to carry it through. Given that, hats off to the very few of you who have the motivation to actually see that resolution right through till the end of the year.

If I was to tell you that 2017 has been perfect, I’d be lying BUT it was very close to being. Not only did we enjoy our last family holiday together but my sister got married to the man of her dreams. That in itself took over a year- just to plan and I think it’s safe to say we were happy it was over, but sad to see her go.

Now, we spend our days as a family of 4 in this house watching the days go by…(sigh)

Bore me off.. No we don’t.

We live it up in this house. I go days without seeing my parents so were still mad-crazy on spending the weekends embracing each others company after a week at work. Sometimes we forget about the people who surround us because of our ‘hectic schedules’, yet those people are still there when you need an ear.

One of the main reasons for my blog was to prevent the shyness and exceed the growth of confidence. Basically, at home I’m a 🦁 and at work I’m a 🐭.

I work with the most generous and interesting people. If there is one thing I’m appreciative about, it’s being able to be me with no fakery. And that is SO important, so if you’re reading this and you have the joys of seeing my face everyday then thanks guys, you’ve supported my growth and made things a little more entertaining for my benefit and I cannot thank you enough.

Sometimes, we forget the basics of just being appreciative of who and what we have and we’re all guilty of it. But life journeys make you realise that these are all priceless. So, take a few minutes out and be thankful for what you do have and strive for what you don’t.

On that note in 2018 I vow to,

1. Make time for people and show appreciation for them being around.

2. Push my confidence to its limits.

3. Keep my bedroom tidy!

And on another note.. Happy New Year, may it fulfil your deepest desires and treat you well. 🥂 chin-ching!

Ciao for now, S x


‘Tis the Season

With Christmas right around the corner and the end of another wonderful year, I just wanted to divert this post to our family festivities. This past week my brother and I have spent each evening after work making our family Christmas tree perfect.

Since we were young before the birth of our baby brother, my parents would always go the extra mile to make Christmas the most magical time of the year. They would keep the spirit alive even when we knew Santa wasn’t real. My Dad would wait till we were fast asleep and lay our gifts out in a way that made us believe the big man himself had delivered them. Then, come 7am the fun would begin.

Anyway- my post is the quickest show and tell of our pretty-ass tree and how we decided to ditch the purple theme this year and go for something a little different.


So here she is, looking all glamorous in her red, silver and gold decorations which we got dirt cheap from B&M. Below, a close up of the decorations-don’t you just love the clip on Poinsettias! (Flowers)


Out with the old and in with the new, we are loving this combo in our house at the moment. So if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration… #TisTheSeason bitchessss!

Feliz Navidad de los Summan’s

or in English..

Merry Christmas from the Summan’s and Ciao for Now, S x

Homemade Indian Spiced Chicken

My sister and brother-in- law came home from London to stay for the weekend. Whilst they were here, Mum and I decided to make some homemade grub. We made Chicken Strips. So tasty yet so simple to knock up in less than an hour. So if you have a hot date coming over or just your sister and bro-in-law visiting(Sorry guys, ha!) and want to impress in little time, stay tuned for the recipe.

I’m going to throw in a disclaimer and state that this dish isn’t meant to be a healthy eat. It’s a typical fried chicken dish made in an indian style.

So, now that you’re pretty much drooling- screenshot from this point on.

When we made them, we served 6 hungry Indians and took us 45 mins.

You’ll need
-360g Chicken Breast (sliced)
-1 Egg
-Corn flour maize
-Gram Flour
-Oil for shallow frying

-Garam Masala
-Table Salt
-Dried and Crushed Fenugreek leaves
-Dried Red Chilli Flakes
-Fresh Green Chilli(Optional)

Let’s cook
The whole idea is to just throw everything into a mixing bowl, mix and fry.

1. Wash 360g of sliced Chicken Breast in cold water, drain and place into a mixing bowl. Add a teaspoon of salt and Garam Masala and a tablespoon of dried/crushed Fenugreek Leaves(these smell delish!!). Add your preference of dried Red Chilli Flakes(fresh Green Chilli optional). See side note. Mix all together.

2. Crack 1 Egg into the Chicken and spices mixture and mix again.

3. Add a helping of Maize Corn flour and Gram flour and mix again. When the consistency of the mixture has covered the Chicken, you have 2 options: leave to marinate depending on what time you plan to serve or get your oil heating so you can fry.

4. This is more of a shallow fry, so don’t fill your oil pan up to the top- we’re not going swimming in it. 1/4 to 1/2 full pan of oil should be fine. Heat on a medium hob until hot enough to fry.

5. Take small helpings of your mixture and gently release into the pan of oil. Fry Chicken until golden brown and remove from oil soaking excess oil onto a side of kitchen roll.

That is it! You’re ready to serve your homemade chicken strips and all in 5 easy steps. They make a great snack with coleslaw, beans or even chips!

Give it a go!

Ciao for now, S x

Side Note: Red Chilli flakes can be relatively spicy so remember, if you don’t want it hot-don’t put in a lot. 🌶






The other night my other half and I decided to eat Indian- out. It wasn’t a new experience as we had been out to eat Indian before but we were celebrating his 26th. Tamatanga had adjusted their menu and we took it into our own hands to be the critics.

I’d probably tell you to book if you were planning to go on a weekend because my god it was busy! However we were seated straight away. We were quickly approached in around 5 minutes with a drinks menu and I took to the liquor but was still spoiled for choice. I asked the waiter to surprise me with a recommendation and he came back with sour citric ‘refreshing’ Mojito. Much to my surprise it was horrible, so I drank water then Indian tea. 

We couldn’t decide on what to eat, so we ordred a dish each and shared. The ‘Fish Xacutti’ pronounced ‘Shakutti’ was divine, so tender and moreish with a side of Pilau rice and the ‘Chicken Khurana’ was not an expected taste at all. It was cooked in a sweet coconut juice with an curry-leaf flavoured garnish. This was served with two ‘Chilli Cheese Naans’ and ‘Tamatanga Fries’- basically french fries garnished with fresh coriander and a mix of herbs and red chilli flakes.

I’d be lying if I said “we didn’t have dessert” when the whole reason for us going was the dessert. Mine was hardly a dessert, but his chocolate cake remains in our top 5 favourite desserts. Slightly warm and served with a helping of vanilla ice-cream and an added candle for his 26th.

The service was quick for a night in Birmingham having taken us at least half hour to get into the Mailbox. We parked here due to the German-Market traffic. But all in all definitely a pleasant atmosphere, staff, and worth the £50 for an occasion.

My rating: 7.5, Definitely worth a try.
If still in doubt check out their website. You can book a table at: 
…And if you’re still unsure, here are some complimentary pics.

Ciao for now, S x


Food: Fish Xacutti with Chilli Cheese Naan, Chicken Khurana, Pilau Rice & Tamatanga Fries. Drinks: Berry Bombay & Delhi Diana 


Dessert: Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream, Indian Tea and ParleG Bics


Smashburger- Wednesbury


I’m going to start by saying that my other half and I LOVE to eat. Our usual weekend consists of waking up late, eating breakfast at or after midday and spending time catching up with family who we haven’t seen all week due to a hectic schedule. After seeing an advert on social media weeks ago, I mentioned it to him. There on out, we waited for Sunday’s date night to come around and my one question was “So.. what do you fancy?” His response: “How about that Smashburger place that’s opened?” . There it was, restaurant and appetite at the ready, we took a chance.

Well it was hardly a chance, I have a massive habit of pre-looking at a menu before even considering going. This isn’t because I’m picky but just so I’m prepared for the dishes they offer. On another note, my other half has a very particular taste and usually doesn’t like to stray far from the usual but he’s working on expanding his palette. So my job of ‘Pre-menu looker’ comes in handy for both of us. Luckily, it does what it says on the tin, serving burgers and fries and all things American.

We arrived at approximately 5:30pm on a Sunday and we were seated straight away, given the place was getting busier by the hour. Evidently, we weren’t the only ones who had seen the advert.  A little like Nando’s, you choose your meal and take yourself up to the counter to give your order, pay then wait..

I decided on having the Bacon Cheeseburger with mustard, ketchup, pickles and red onion on a ‘Smash’ bun. With a side of ‘Smashfries’ which are literally French fries tossed in olive oil, rosemary and garlic. I can definitely say the burger was worth the whole 15 minute wait but, I still don’t have many feelings towards the Smashfries. Nevertheless, 2 meals for £25, it was pretty decent. If anyone has seen SpongeBob it was exactly what I imagine a ‘Crabby Pattie’ to taste like and Boy, I love pickles!

So for anyone deciding on a quick, affordable but tasty meal and wants to try a Crabbie Pattie then Smashburger is at your service. With your choice of toppings and sides it’s a build-a-burger kinda gaff so customise all you can!

My rating 7/10- Good Burger.. bad choice of Fries!

Ciao for now, S x